Re: Re: [Harp-L] M-Audio MicroTrack Question

Richard Hunter wrote:
> The Zoom H4 runs for about 4 hours on a pair of alkaline AA 
> batteries. It may be that the Zoom uses a different technology 
> for data storage--does the MicroTrak have a hard drive, or use 
> compact flash cards?
> Anyway, I have had much better results with the Zoom using 
> rechargeable AA batteries.  Might work for you too.

Unfortunately, the Microtrack's battery is not replacable "in the 
field", the unit has to be sent back to M-Audio for this service.  
Their stated price for this service is $75 (almost 20% of the cost 
of the unit), but so far no one from M-Audio has replied to my web 
request for service.  There is no indication that a replacement 
battery will perform any differently than the original.  

The Microtrack uses CompactFlash cards to record, so this should not 
consume any more power than the Zoom.  Everyone relating their 
experience has stated that their Microtrack originally delivered 3 
to 4 hours of record time, then after a year or so it degraded to 
less than an hour.  

It would seem that the only option available to Microtrack owners is 
to use an external USB power supply, such as those designed to power 
iPods and other devices.  This is reported to work, provided the 
Microtrack unit is fully charged, though I have not tried it 

I'm very disappointed regarding this problem, and in M-Audio's 
apparent lack of response to it.  Had I been more alert I might have 
waited to get a different device that uses a replacable battery.  I 
wasn't expecting it to die so quickly.


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