Re: [Harp-L] Take this bluegrass elite, Bill Monroe full-time harmonica player confirmed

Captron100@xxxxxxx wrote: PT Gazell told the 
story of how he was playing at a BG jam with Bill Monroe listening? Bill 
complimented him on his playing, but then added a barb by saying something like, 
".....but harmonica ain't no bluegrass instrument". Seems like Bill might 
have been a bit close-minded after all.

  Yes, Ron, I remember, it was an excellent story. But Bill had a sense of humor that as long as he could laugh inside, he didn't care if anybody else was, or even if they knew it was a joke. When you mentioned that the first thing that popped into my mind was when Bill met Frank Sinatra. The way I heard/read it was Frank was introduced to Bill as the high and mighty Sinatra. Bill says "Sorry, never heard of him." This is the same Bill Monroe that sees bluesman Albert Collins at a gas station, recognizes him and walks up and tells Collins how much he has enjoyed his music. He knew who Sinatra was. He might have been pulling the same thing there, or maybe he meant it, we'll never know, but I doubt he did.
  Dave Payne Sr. 
  Elk River Harmonicas

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