[Harp-L] Take this bluegrass elite, Bill Monroe full-time harmonica player confirmed

In a message dated 1/10/2008 10:14:56 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, dave  
I had always known Bill Monroe had a harmonica player touring with him,  
DeFord Bailey, for years, but recently I came across something very interesting  
that I'll certainly use for ammo next time some jackass says something about no 
 harmonica in bluegrass at a jam. 

Dave, interesting post.  I venture to guess that most harpers on  this list 
would agree that the harp is great in bluegrass, and yes bluegrass  
traditionalists are a closed-minded bunch.  I wonder what Bill Monroe  would have done if 
Charlie McCoy was around then.  Charlie  recorded with Earl Scruggs later and 
i doubt if Earl balked at  it.  Another example of harp in BG is Canadian 
harper, Mike Stevens,  who plays with Jesse McReynolds. 
   I would be surprised to hear that Bill ever had  a "full-time harmonica 
player".  Were u on this list about a half year  ago when PT Gazell told the 
story of how he was playing at a BG  jam with Bill Monroe listening?  Bill 
complimented him on  his playing, but then added a barb by saying something like, 
".....but  harmonica ain't no bluegrass instrument".   Seems like Bill might  
have been a bit close-minded after all.


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