RE: [Harp-L] M-Audio MicroTrack Question

I have same problem with mine.
Blunt White> Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2008 18:55:10 +0000> From: wmharps@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> To: harp-l@xxxxxxxxxx> Subject: Re: [Harp-L] M-Audio MicroTrack Question> > Jim, > > I'm having exactly the same problem with my MicroTrack. I got mine > just over a year ago, and used it intermittently to record gigs. I > generally got about three to four hours out of it, turning the power > off during band breaks. Last month (December 07) I tried to record > first at a Christmas party, and then a few days later at a gig. In > both cases I got between 45 minutes and an hour before the recorder > died, batteries exhausted. I don't have all the specifics of the > recording setup, except to say that I also had the backlight turned > off and output volume down. I haven't tried contacting M-Audio yet, > but will probably do that soon. > > This is a pretty big negative in the design, IMHO. This device > should be made with a replacable lithium ion rechargable battery, > like a digital camera, that can be replaced in the field. In fact, > my new Ricoh digital camera will also run on AAA batteries, in a > pinch. Now THAT's a well-designed piece of gear. > > -tim> > > Jim Greenwald wrote:> > I know there are a number of list members who use the original > > MicroTrack 24/96 recorder, and am hoping one of you can help me, > > since I haven't been able to get through to M-Audio's support > > dept. these last couple of days.> > I've had this unit a couple of years and can't recall how much > > recording time per charge I originally got, but currently i'm > > getting less than an hour of recording on a full charge. This is > > with firmware 1.4.6, no backlight, monitoring off, output volume > > down, 16-bit 44.1 KHz wav, and using solid compact flash memory > > (not a microdrive). Seems kind of short <g> and don't know if I > > should send it in for a battery replacement. > > Can anybody report how much time they get per battery charge at > > these conditions?> > > > > _______________________________________________> Harp-L is sponsored by SPAH,> Harp-L@xxxxxxxxxx>
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