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>There's nothing like women dancing in
> front of the bandstand, especially if they've had a bit to drink, have
> a big smile, and they're young and thin like her.   :-)  That imbues
> my playing with a greater sense of purpose.

Brings to mind the time I was playing harp with a local blues band, and a
young lady who looked all of 18 (in all actuality I may have simply had an
internal preference to BELIEVE she was 18, for legal reasons) who was
,,er,,"blessed",,and wearing something that,,uhm,,"generously displayed her
blessings" (which to all appearance could have been a rather large
handkerchief, tied in the back), began swaying to the music directly before
me, yea seemingly within a few centimeters, purposefully directing her gaze
at me, which I took as an indication that I was, of course, playing well.
Being, as you say, "imbued with a greater sense of purpose", I, a 56 year
old handsome devil, began swaying back, as we both sought "obedience to the
groove". That was fun enough.

Then, what turned out to be her mother showed up, also a lovely beast. She
also, to my surprise, began swaying, thrusting, and wiggling, seemingly in a
contest to see who could put on a greater demonstration of talent, herself,
or the daughter.

Tempted as such, by two, count them, two lovelies before me, I could have
made plans for later in the evening, but alas, nagging reality kept
reminding me that I was a married man, and that "the old lady" was waiting
at home with porridge and biscuits, and tea on the fire.

Times like that can make one feel like something out of a Bill Clinton
speech. "I didn't inhale".


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