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James: Filing the reeds would change there pitch and possibly ruin the harmonica. The discoloring is from normal use. I'd just leave it alone. However a good file to get for tuning your harmonica comes in the Seydel Repair Kit or the Hohner Service Kit.

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On Jan 4, 2008, at 3:29 PM, James wrote:

A beleated Happy New Year to all:
I finally started taking my harps apart to do some work. I started working on some old "Big River" harps. I was unable to unscrew plates and separate the reed plates. You can't beleive the "junk" that accumulates inside a harp. Anyhow, I notice some rust or discloring on some of the reeds. How do you file it off or should you file it off. What is a good file to use for such purposes. Thank you all for you suggestions and comments.
James Leo
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