Re: Re: [Harp-L] Olympus LS-10 Recorder

Bob Laughlin wrote:
> It's funny to me that in reading these reviews of the latest 
> trend in portable recording, they always mention something 
> like the following:
> "The optional exclusive wireless remote controller allows users 
> to start and stop the recording of the LS-10 from a distance. 
> This is ideal for live performances when the LS-10 can be placed 
> near the stage and activated from several rows back."
> I can't really see this happening on a large scale. 

A more useful scenario than the one they describe, to me, would be 
to place the recorder several rows back and activate it from on the 

I'd love to have a remote control for my M-Audio Microtrack.  It 
would allow me to place the recorder somewhere that gets good sound 
coverage (we generally play restaurants and small venues), and start 
and stop the recording without having to walk over to the recorder.  
I could even start and stop it between songs, which would make post-
processing easier (no more cutting up hour-long MP3s into individual 


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