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Next time I get up and before I play a lick, I gotta say," I want to honor
every musician I ever heard play anything.  I want to give credit for every
musical inch of my body, mind and spirit to those who I have listened to, or
musicians who listened to someone then played their stuff and I have
inadvertantly heard some variation therof, and every musical idea ever
concieved.  Because I am about to plagiarize some of it, or all of it, even
without remembering some radio playing in a gas station when I filled up my
car while driving across the country and can't even rwemember it.  So here's
to cover all the musicians who ever lived, I am going to steal their stuff.
I hope you enjoy it."

Believe in Magic!
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> Plagarism is a tough word to use in the context of performance.  I read
> folks critized for not being authentic enough, and the quest for that
> Little Walter/Sonny Boy sound seems like a holy grail pursuit.
> How we play, what gear we play with, where we play, what we wear when
> playing, the songs we choose, who we play with, the direction our solo
> goes,other factors all reveal who we are and what's important to us.  I'm
> not very authentic to anything...but appreciate those who are, those who
> learned the classic solos and can insert them as a tribute to the great
> masters of past.  Sometimes I'll toss in the identifying riff from a song
> like War's "Low Rider" before launching into a solo.  I don't stop and
> identify/credit the riff... of course it is so well known and I don't have
> to.  If I hear a player playing only reproduced classic riffs this tells
> me who the player is...a "cover" player...which has its place and can be
> appreciated as such.  My tastes lean to the more innovative folks who try
> to create in the moment but when I hear a cool Little Walter Riff I nod
> and smile.  I don't go out of my way to see these players...I may even
> deride them as "clones" like the dreaded Stevie Ray Vaughn Clones who have
> infected the blues guitar world, but to accuse one of plagerism seems a
> bit drastic in my opinion...until it is recorded and sold on a CD.  Then
> there may be a problem.
> I'm a "lurker" on this list, especially the last few months while not
> playing as much as in the past, on a bit of a family sabbatical.  The WEB
> links y'all include have been wonderful, great music, great ideas, videos,
> truly inspirational.  I was based in LA about 15 years, the last 8 years
> in the Missouri Ozarks and now (after a north east/mid west trip) in South
> Florida.  I'm looking forward to meeting more from the area. The Blues
> Jams and Blues Society here, and their Harmonica Playing President Bobby
> seem very hospitable.
> M.N.Nesmith, I'll be back in Czech soon've been warned!
> Enjoy,
> Clay
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