[Harp-L] Re: plagarism

Plagarism is a tough word to use in the context of performance.  I read
folks critized for not being authentic enough, and the quest for that
Little Walter/Sonny Boy sound seems like a holy grail pursuit.

How we play, what gear we play with, where we play, what we wear when
playing, the songs we choose, who we play with, the direction our solo
goes,other factors all reveal who we are and what's important to us.  I'm
not very authentic to anything...but appreciate those who are, those who
learned the classic solos and can insert them as a tribute to the great
masters of past.  Sometimes I'll toss in the identifying riff from a song
like War's "Low Rider" before launching into a solo.  I don't stop and
identify/credit the riff... of course it is so well known and I don't have
to.  If I hear a player playing only reproduced classic riffs this tells
me who the player is...a "cover" player...which has its place and can be
appreciated as such.  My tastes lean to the more innovative folks who try
to create in the moment but when I hear a cool Little Walter Riff I nod
and smile.  I don't go out of my way to see these players...I may even
deride them as "clones" like the dreaded Stevie Ray Vaughn Clones who have
infected the blues guitar world, but to accuse one of plagerism seems a
bit drastic in my opinion...until it is recorded and sold on a CD.  Then
there may be a problem.

I'm a "lurker" on this list, especially the last few months while not
playing as much as in the past, on a bit of a family sabbatical.  The WEB
links y'all include have been wonderful, great music, great ideas, videos,
truly inspirational.  I was based in LA about 15 years, the last 8 years
in the Missouri Ozarks and now (after a north east/mid west trip) in South
Florida.  I'm looking forward to meeting more from the area. The Blues
Jams and Blues Society here, and their Harmonica Playing President Bobby
seem very hospitable.

M.N.Nesmith, I'll be back in Czech soon too...you've been warned!



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