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I don't see how anyone could ever enforce anything like this. I'm betting we all take bits and pieces of "classic" blues songs and use them, without being aware we are doing it. Carrying this to an extreme, could someone claim to be the first person to use the famous C Am F G progression and then sue everyone who followed? How many songs do we know that use this progression?
I'm going to see Rick Estrin tomorrow night. I hope he includes a bunch of Sonny Boy licks in his songs. Actually, in Estrin's case, he always pays tribute to the Masters when he does one of their songs.

Steve "Moandabluz" Webb
a fool for the harp in Minnesota

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I heard a well known harmonica player last weekend and found that this
person was taking solos note-for-note from Sonny Boy II and Little Walter
and inserting them into other songs without attribution, therefore passing
them off as original improvisations. I consider this musical plagarism,
probably commited to cover up a deficiency in improvising. Does anyone
agrees that this would constitute plagarism? It is almost certainly a
copyright violation. I don't want to name this person at this point.Â

-Glenn WeiserÂ


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