Re: [Harp-L] blues on chromatic - in all keys!

Hi Serguei -

I guess this might depend on your definition of 'blues', but there are certainly many jazz players who play the blues in many keys on a single chromatic. Toots has recorded "C to G Jam Blues" on his "Footprints" CD -- that's 8 keys on one C chromatic on one tune. When I attended Rob Paparozzi's seminar with Hendrik Meurkins and Howard Levy, Hendrik played the blues in all twelve keys on a C chromatic and sounded great in every key. I can do it too, but not as well as Toots or Hendrik ;-). And of course, Howard can do it on a single diatonic.

- Slim.

Serguei Volkov wrote:
Are there players who play blues
on one chromatic - in several (all?) keys?

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