Re: [Harp-L] Artificially producing bends

Robert Johnston did this with syringe-like cylinders when he did the
experiments for his scientific paper on bending:


--- Nick Noviello <noviello@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Many of us have tried to explain bending to beginners (or perhaps to 
> ourselves.) I got curious about whether the oral environment that 
> results in bends could be simulated artificially, so I experimented 
> with drawing on different lengths of plastic tubing of various 
> diameters and bends, inserted into the holes. (like using a large 
> flexible straw between my mouth and the harmonica.) I thought it'd be
> nice to demystify the process and show exactly what had to happen to 
> the air flow to produce bends.
> No luck so far!
> Has anyone else with too much time on their hands tried this? Any 
> suggestions? Shouldn't it be possible, in theory?
> Thanks for this great list!
> Nick
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