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Tone Dittos, Sonny!  Gear does not make good tone; good players make good
tone, right?

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Hi, I have to jump in on the reissue fender bassman. I modified with speakers and tubes at least 30 of them before building the 410, and they are NOT capacitors and resistors in the circuit, rather a printed circuit board. They use bright Jensen P!0R speakers, and in the UK they probably cost about $1400. Then you talk about swapping speakers, tubes, etc., that may bring it to $1800. And then, all you have is a still a Fender Reissue. My amps are completely set up to blow and go, and have several options any player can use to dial themselves in, plus customer support from a professional harp player concerning every aspect such as mics, mic'ing the amp, studio, any live situation, I supply the extra tubes, spare rectifier and fuse, full manual, patch cable for bridging, and padded Tuki Cover. You don't have to order anything separately. The plus side of buying any of my amps is that although expensive due to extremely high build costs, they retain currently 75 - 100 % of their retail value. And when I pass on, these will be worth the same as original Fender Bassmans. Plus my new amp my just surpass the 410 in tone and volume, I am still morphing it. So the 410 will be a limited edition, I have 5 left, which will also make a valuable piece in the future. Whether a player is a beginner or pro, it is an investment for life, and figured over your lifetime, about 30 cents a day. I just needed to run that by, as many have never played my amp personally so commenting on it is not fair if you have not. A pro like Dave Barrett, who's reissue I modified for him, will sound great through anything, just like Wilson, Hummel or anyone else at that level. I do not want to butt heads with HarpL members, I have moved on spiritually and am doing Chakra work and healing as we speak. I still need to run a business and have put my heart and blood into every project for the past 13 years. I started the harp player making amps for other harp players, and 13 years later all my amps are still working perfectly. No one else can make that claim. Thank you all for listening. SJ

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