Re: [Harp-L] Artificially producing bends

The best that to explain or demonstrate 'bending'
is by whistling.

If you can whistle then you should
be able to feel what happens in your mouth when you
whistle a note and then make the note sound lower.

You can feel your tongue lower and or pull back a bit.

Ken H in OH

--- Nick Noviello <noviello@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Many of us have tried to explain bending to
> beginners (or perhaps to 
> ourselves.) I got curious about whether the oral
> environment that 
> results in bends could be simulated artificially, so
> I experimented 
> with drawing on different lengths of plastic tubing
> of various 
> diameters and bends, inserted into the holes. (like
> using a large 
> flexible straw between my mouth and the harmonica.)
> I thought it'd be 
> nice to demystify the process and show exactly what
> had to happen to 
> the air flow to produce bends.
> No luck so far!
> Has anyone else with too much time on their hands
> tried this? Any 
> suggestions? Shouldn't it be possible, in theory?
> Thanks for this great list!
> Nick
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