Re: [Harp-L] Fender 59 Bassman Ltd reissue

I love mine.

Just retube it with JJ and EHX tubes and possibly new weber speakers. 

When Dave Barrett came through with is class his used it and thought it sounded great.

Jason Ricci on the other hand thinks his 90s reissue sounds better.  I can hear the difference so that's a matter of taste.  Of course his is more worn in than mine.

If you're going boutique then Scotts Meteor Amp has the thickest tone to my ears.  If you want a small amp then go with a harp gear amp.  Absent those I would just use my bassman ltd or go through the pa.

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>I'm thinking of buying one of those 59 bassman ltd reissue amps. Any
>advice, useful tips, mods, experiences? I'm after that big fat Kim
>WIlson/Paul Lamb etc. I know they use Sonnyjrs but not sure if I can go
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