[Harp-L] Re: My Harp Case

If your looking for a nice softcase to carry diatonic

Seydel has a nice zippered soft case that holds
14 diatonic harp.  Rupert Oysler should have some
in stock... bought a couple from him at the Buckeye,
and gave one to my brother.  It holds 7 harps on the
inside of each flap with a padded divider in the 
attached to the middle of the case.


If you want a case to carry lots of harps, the Hetrick
cases are really nice!

The plexiglass dividers used in the Hetrick classes
are great for storing your harps vertically, allowing
you to store more harps.

The plexiglass dividers are much much better than the
'foam rubber' used in some cases... the plexiglass
dividers allow the harps to 'breathe' and air-out
I'm not sure if I would want to set a cold drink
inside a foam case where the foam would act like a
and soak up the water condensing on the outside of it.

I have an aluminum tool case (similar to a briefcase)
I bought at a local hardware-type store for less than
and it came with foam that was pre-cut so that you
customize it to hold most anything.  The inside of
this case
is about 12 inches by 17 inches, and about 5 1/2
inches deep.

I also attached a metal floor flange to it with a
short piece 
of threaded pipe that will secure nicely to a
microphone stand 
(I use a tri-pod mic stand).

But after seeing a Hetrick case, I now want to get the
plexiglass dividers (2 sets of the 42-harp) that
custom fitted
into my case various ways to hold lots of harps
low-pitched harps, natural minors, harmonica minors,
makers, paddy-tuned harps, some turbo-lidded harps,
a chromatic (or more), echoes.  

I will make use of the rubber-coated hard-board
dividers that
also came with the case, as well as some rubber or
foam matting
to help pad the sides, bottom, and/or top of the case
to make
everything fit nice and tight without stuff rattling

I'm expecting delivery of these dividers any day

It will be interesting to see how this custom harp
case turns out!

Oh yeah!  And for that cold drink that may be needed,
I bought
one of those plastic drink holders that is used on the
inside of
vehicle doors that can be hooked to the outer edge of
the case
so moisture does not drip into your case.  

Ken H in OH

Pinpoint customers who are looking for what you sell. 

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