[Harp-L] Please post sound examples of delays, effects, amps, mikes, etc.

I know everyone doesn't have a site, or computer recording capacity, or whatever. But I understand that the alternative harp-l listing (yahoo or google) allows sound files and Chris M.s Buddha site allows uploads. And of course there is (and there are examples already up) Youtube and Myspace is free. While I know that the variables of player, amp, mike, effect, and ambiance profoundly affect the demonstrators tone it is still helpful to have an example. If Sonny and Al both recommend the Danelectro delay I know it has to be pretty terrific because they're both really good players but I wish I had a sound example. Using myself as an example I put my butt out there when I expressed my preference for the Maxon analog delay and directed people to my site below with the delay utilized (conservatively) with 2 differents amps on 3 songs. Since we cannot go to a "harp" store to tryout all the delays and amps and mikes and other effects out there I'm asking you guys to be as generous as you can with examples where doable. And thanking all those that already do such. dennis


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