[Harp-L] Re: Chromatic, diatonic and valved harmonicas

To me diatonic is a lot more fun


friends I've questioned a) don't know there are actually a diatonic
a chromatic harmonicas and b) generally prefer the sound of the
chromatic when
I show them.


On Jun 13, 4:12 pm, "Walter Joyce" <wtjoyc...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> As much as part of me wants to grow as a musician and that desire leads me
> to thinking about more theory study and the use of chromatic instruments I
> find two challenges along this path.
> I love the way a diatonic harp sounds. I like the tone. Acoustically I like
> strong loud tone when desired for effect, as well as high sweet singing.
> Amplified the Chicago sound to me is just killer, there is no other way for
> me to describe it.
> Most chromatic players, and the valved sound bite that was posted just don't
> display that sound or tone. Frankly, the sound strikes me as bland and
> wimpy.
> Now maybe I need to get out more when it comes to chromatic or valved
> players, but that is my current assessment.
> Having played by ear for years, with a smattering of theory, I have managed
> to put together a good sound and have gotten recognition from the audience
> and other musicians for the quality of what I play. (Although that hasn't
> always been unanimous ;->). I'm not used to using my visual sense for
> playing or learning how to play. so when I go to a web page with good theory
> material on it, it is Greek to me. I know that over time this will change,
> but right now it just feels alien to me, and thereby off-putting.
> Oh well, just some thoughts on a Wednesday morning.
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