[Harp-L] Chromatic, diatonic and valved harmonicas

As much as part of me wants to grow as a musician and that desire leads me to thinking about more theory study and the use of chromatic instruments I find two challenges along this path.

I love the way a diatonic harp sounds. I like the tone. Acoustically I like strong loud tone when desired for effect, as well as high sweet singing. Amplified the Chicago sound to me is just killer, there is no other way for me to describe it.

Most chromatic players, and the valved sound bite that was posted just don't display that sound or tone. Frankly, the sound strikes me as bland and wimpy.

Now maybe I need to get out more when it comes to chromatic or valved players, but that is my current assessment.

Having played by ear for years, with a smattering of theory, I have managed to put together a good sound and have gotten recognition from the audience and other musicians for the quality of what I play. (Although that hasn't always been unanimous ;->). I'm not used to using my visual sense for playing or learning how to play. so when I go to a web page with good theory material on it, it is Greek to me. I know that over time this will change, but right now it just feels alien to me, and thereby off-putting.

Oh well, just some thoughts on a Wednesday morning.

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