[Harp-L] Sao Paulo Harp/Blues?

I'll be in Sao Paulo Brazil Sunday 6/17 to Thurs 6/21, basically from
the travel warnings I'm receiving I'll be hiding under my bed in the
hotel when I'm not working, but by chance if anyone knows of anything
worthwhile (and safe) related to harp or blues going on there let me
know and I'll consider it if my bodyguard is up for a drive.

Smo-Jo c'mon out of retirement and watch my back over there. Remember
that show about the old guy who basically went around kicking @ss for
people who had been wronged, Terminator or some such? That was pretty
cool. Guess I'll be hunkered down in the hotel with my learnin'
materials on this trip.

Bill Hines
Hershey, PA

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