[Harp-L] getting some attention

Richard Hunter <turtlehill@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> This is the second mass manufacturer (Audix being the first) to release 
> a mic designed expressly for harmonica players in the last year or so. 
> Pretty interesting.  

i also took that to be a very positive sign.  those of using various pieces of
gear intended for other instruments might want to send an email to the vendor
and let them know you're using it for harp, and any thoughts you might have
on how to make it more harp friendly.  never hurts to let them know we're out

i sent a lengthy email to digitech a while back about this, and got a
nice response.  i had suggested that with a little bit of support or promotion 
they might be able to grow their harp market for the rp-*50 series.  they were
pleased with the feedback, and perhaps a little surprised that this market existed.

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