Re: [Harp-L] Peavey Harp Mic

"John Sturm" wrote:
<Has anyone seen a Peavey Cherry Bomb harp mic yet? My Peavey rep was <here and says that they a introducing a harp mic. I asked him about <details and he really didn't know much.

Axe Music's web site has a placeholder for this mic (
They don't have it in stock, nor a photo of it. Peavey's web site doesn't mention it.

So it must not be out there yet. I'll be interested to see it. A mic is the second-to-least expensive thing you can buy (the least expensive being a decent delay pedal) to get a new, different, and usable sound out of the harp. This one will apparently sell for about $109. I hope it's not just a re-packaged Audix Fireball--I've already got one of those.

This is the second mass manufacturer (Audix being the first) to release a mic designed expressly for harmonica players in the last year or so. Pretty interesting. We talk a lot on this list about how harp players don't have prospects, don't get no respect, etc., etc. But two major manufacturers have apparently decided that there are enough harp players out there to make investing in product development for harp players worthwhile.

Regards, Richard Hunter
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