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Dennis -

For Brasilian, check out Rildo Hora and Mauricio Einhorn.

For Argentinian (both tango and rural styles) check out the inimitable
Hugo Diaz (the harmonica player, not the bandoneon player of the same
name). Also, Angel Villoldo, one of the fathers of tango, was said to
play the harmonica. But while he recorded some 78s as a singer and
monologuist nearly a century, I've never found any recordings of his
harmonica playing.

Besides Hugo Díaz, there's newer music to check out, even though tango, chacareras, zamba (not with initial 's') are not "latin" as caribbean music.

Last year Franco Luciani -a young chromatic player- released a whole tango album, accompained only by piano. Nice stuff, in fact. Goggle him and you'll surely find some of his tunes or info. I have that CD and it's great.

There are some other recordings by Luis Saltos, Milton Bianco and many other players. You can download some tunes for free at

About Angel Villoldo (tango composer, not singer), there's nothing recorded by him as a harp player.

Fernando Toral Argentina

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