Re: [Harp-L] Latin harmonica

Dennis - 

For Brasilian, check out Rildo Hora and Mauricio Einhorn.

For Argentinian (both tango and rural styles) check out the inimitable
Hugo Diaz (the harmonica player, not the bandoneon player of the same
name). Also, Angel Villoldo, one of the fathers of tango, was said to
play the harmonica. But while he recorded some 78s as a singer and
monologuist nearly a century, I've never found any recordings of his
harmonica playing.

Maybe 7 or 8 years ago Charlie Musselwhite told me he had heard of a
Cuban player (who was said to be a midget) playing Cuban music, but at
the time he hand't located any records.

There are certain montuno chord/rhythm patterns that fit nicely on
diatonic harmonica, and on chromatic Michael Polesky has worked out
several of them in multiple keys. 

The Miami Sound Machine, the Miami/Cuban band that produced Gloria
Estafan, used to have Gustavo Lezcano as a member playing diatonic, and
his playing would pop up every now and then on their extended dance

The Tex-Mex/Norteno styles use a lot of diatonic accordion, usually a
three-row button instrument that is like having three diatonic
harmonicas stacked up. Typically the rows will be in a combination like
A-D-G, G-C-F, F-Bb-Eb. There might be potential for a harmonica player
to come up with something based on that style . . .


--- dennis moriarty <dmoriarty@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>          As far as "Latin" harp per se I don't think there are a lot 
> of recordings. I stood in with some blues people last night which  
> included the NJ living Cuban born harp player Felix Cabrera  
> ( You could go to his site and email him about the 
> subject. He himself is very Butterfield toned along with a lots of  
> third position and some simple jazzy stuff. Forgive my naivete but  
> who cares about the tuning. I've played with a terrific NY-NJ  
> guitarist (Joe Taino) in a number of situations. I'm always asking  
> him to do his terrific latin stuff rather than his blues stuff when  
> we play because there's a lot of fire in latin music and such fire  
> galvanizes my modest talents. I play 2nd or 3rd position or both  
> mixed up on standard tunings. I'm sure some of the musicians on harp-
> l will direct you to some of the latin-America u-tube videos. I'm  
> familiar with a couple of them and they are really talented but pure 
> blues. d
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