[Harp-L] Stevie Wonder's Harmonica

Just back from wonderful concerts with the Bochum Symphony in Germany. Took a look at the harmonica Stevie was playing and I think this Frank Huang's model. He mad a brass 280 but with cover plates with channels like the CBH 2016 that were set in from the front of the comb so as to not be totally air tight and stop all notes from playing. I played these when Frank made them at Hohner years ago in Long Island; very heavy harmonicas using old 280 plates. Nice sound and the channels added some focus, you can barely see them in the video.

He was still using them when I met him at the Song Writer's Hall of Fame concert I was performing in; he was honoring Barry Gordy. We talked harmonica back stage for 30 minutes before going on.

Harmonically yours,

Robert Bonfiglio


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