[Harp-L] responsiveness - Hohner Cross Harps, Meisterclass, MS harps

First a short thanks to Hohner rep, Fernando Bresslau, for his  always 
helpful posts.
  I know these subjects have been discussed here and there onlist for  years 
  Yesterday a friend gave me 5 Hohner Cross Harps that  he won't use.  They 
are very airy and non-responsive.  I have yet to  look at their gaps, but 
checking the specs on hohnerusa.com shows them to be of  the modular series but 
they, as well as Meisterclass, use thicker reedplates  than entire rest of the 
Hohner line. 
   My friend raves about his Meisterclass harmonicas.   This leads me to 
believe that one harp that uses thick reedplates is responsive,  while another is 
just the opposite.  I regapped the one and  only Cross Harp that I have ever 
owned, but it still plays stiff. and  tight.
  I own one Cross Harp, bought because my usual brand, doesn't make a  harp 
in key of high G.  It was always unresponsive and I removed the  printed name 
of "Hohner" from the back of the harp, lest someone in the audience  buy one 
thinking that I endorse them (no offense, Fernando).  I've gapped  it so that it 
should be responsive, yet it is still stiff.  
  Before I spend hours trying to improve these harps, what is the real  deal 
on responsiveness of thick reedplates, Meisterclass, Cross Harps, and MS  
series in general.   tia.
Ron - FL Keys

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