[Harp-L] Has "Dueling Banjos" ever been performed on harmonica?

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Does anyone play this or has anyone heard it performed?
   Some folks avoid performing certain songs that they feel are  overplayed.  
Mustang Sally was one such song mentioned when this thread  came up on Harp-L 
a few months ago.  Most venues around where i  live, (unfortunately for me), 
have crowds who want to hear the same old  stuff, or who want to dance to the 
same old stuff.  Mustang Sally gets them  on the dance floor, as Duelin' 
Banjos often does.  The other point in that  thread was that playing these songs 
generate tips.
  I play Duelin' Banjos with 2 different guys -- one is with  a guitarist, 
and the other is with a banjoist.  We have fun with it and the  crowd loves it.  
On a diatonic, it requires a 5 hole overblow, or a  harp switch mid -song, 
which the audience finds amusing.  Myself, i  usually use a standard diatonic 
and a country tuned harp.
  Friends of mine, the Doerfel Family Bluegrass Band, take DB to  an even 
greater level by throwing in snippets of well known rock  songs.  The band is 
tight; it sounds great and increases everyone's  interest, including that of the 


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