Re: [Harp-L] Bahnson Overblow: Maintenance?

Björn -

Why change the reedplates? Unless the reeds don't play, there is no

You can remove oxidation with the appropriate metal cleaners, and make
modifications to the existing edges. It's much easier to do that than
to drill all the new holes accurately to fit the little hex nuts.

Always ask the question, "What is the MINIMUM I can do to make this
instrument work?"

The next question is "what is the benefit to be gained from doing more
than that?"

After that, the question is, "How much work is it to do mor than the
mimimum, and will the result be worth the work?"

I could figure out which US size of hex nut is required, but it will be
about two weeks before I have the time.

Are you quite sure that they are US hex nuts and not European ones? It
could be either. I seem to remember Hank saying that he had done most
of the modification work himself to turn Golden Melody harps into
Bahnson Overblow Harps, but I also remember having the impression that
the work was done in Trossingen. So the nuts could be either system.


--- Björn Giesler <bjoern@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi all,
> OK, I've decided to keep and play my Bahnson. However, it has  
> obviously spent considerable time lying around at the dealer, so the 
> reedplates are very oxidized in front. I'd like to swap them with new
> ones (and file them off at the front to reduce the protruding  
> reedplate problem). About that, I have a few questions; maybe there  
> is someone on the list who can answer them. I'd be very happy about  
> that -- I want to play the thing, but I also want to keep it in  
> optimal state and make sure I can maintain it.
> Just opened the thing up and found that the reedplates and slider are
> fixed with hex screws, and they're obviously inch screws of two  
> different sizes. Since we Germans use metric (which, as a friend from
> the US once told me, is "the tool of the devil" :-) ), I have to buy 
> tools. Does anyone know the thread and head size of these screws?
> Also, are there still replacement reed plates for the thing, or do I 
> have to convert Golden Melody plates? If the latter, are the drill  
> holes of newer GM plates in the correct positions?
> Any help is very much appreciated!
> Regards,
> Björn
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