Re: Subject: [Harp-L] Looking for new inspiration

I'm finding the Brazillian harp players are very good!  Brilliant fresh ideas.  
Try Robson Fernandes, Alex Rossi,  Falvio Guimaraes, Jefferson Goncalves just 
to name a few.  Robson will blow you away!

On Thursday 26 April 2007 11:13 am, EGS1217@xxxxxxx wrote:
> Dov requests:
> "Hi
> For many years I have listened to all the traditional  blues harp players
> (as well as modern-day blues traditionalists), but I  feel I want to hear
> what the "cutting edge" of diatonic harmonica players  are doing. Can
> anyone suggest some good albums (or downloads) where I can  hear good
> "modern" diatonic playing (E.G - use of overblows, different  positions
> etc.). I have been listening a LOT lately to "Satan and Adam"  and Carlos
> Del Junco,  but I`d like to hear others as well
> Thanks for any suggestions
> Hammer
> ...I couldn't agree more with Scooter about Jason Ricci and Chris  Michalek
> being modern players using overblows and taking diatonics  far afield of
> traditional blues....Chris more into Jazz and other  non-traditional Jazz
> sounds, while Jason is particularly interested in not  being pigeon-holed
> into being a specifically Blues  player.  He's Rock/Blues/Indie/Jazz/you
> name it...I'm giving you a  link to one of his downloads (recorded and
> provided by Garry Hodgson of  this list)...but truly, the best way to
> appreciate Jason for the  first time is in person, so you'll just have to
> arrange a visit to  the States - perhaps to one of his Pre-SPAH
> Harp-Blow-offs?
> That is... if he's ever in a position again  to afford to come to SPAH with
> his Band at his own cost :(
> _Click  here: Internet Archive: Details: Jason Ricci and New Blood Live at
> Terra  Blues on 2006-12-14_
> (
> This is one of my favourite shows since he dedicated a song to me for  my
> birthday  :)
> Elizabeth
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