Subject: [Harp-L] Looking for new inspiration

Dov requests:
For many years I have listened to all the traditional  blues harp players (as 
well as modern-day blues traditionalists), but I  feel I want to hear what 
the "cutting edge" of diatonic harmonica players  are doing. Can anyone suggest 
some good albums (or downloads) where I can  hear good "modern" diatonic 
playing (E.G - use of overblows, different  positions etc.). I have been listening 
a LOT lately to "Satan and Adam"  and Carlos Del Junco,  but I`d like to hear 
others as well
Thanks for any suggestions
...I couldn't agree more with Scooter about Jason Ricci and Chris  Michalek 
being modern players using overblows and taking diatonics  far afield of 
traditional blues....Chris more into Jazz and other  non-traditional Jazz sounds, 
while Jason is particularly interested in not  being pigeon-holed into being a 
specifically Blues  player.  He's Rock/Blues/Indie/Jazz/you name it...I'm 
giving you a  link to one of his downloads (recorded and provided by Garry Hodgson 
of  this list)...but truly, the best way to appreciate Jason for the  first 
time is in person, so you'll just have to arrange a visit to  the States - 
perhaps to one of his Pre-SPAH Harp-Blow-offs?
That is... if he's ever in a position again  to afford to come to SPAH with 
his Band at his own cost :(   

_Click  here: Internet Archive: Details: Jason Ricci and New Blood Live at 
Terra  Blues on 2006-12-14_ 
This is one of my favourite shows since he dedicated a song to me for  my 
birthday  :)

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