Re: [Harp-L] Paddy Richters out of the box

Simon Willerton wrote:
I've got a couple of Suzuki Promaster Paddy Richters from
Brendan Power which are great (apart from the valves -- see
below).  Now I need third Paddy Richter but Brendan says
he's not doing any harp-tech this year....

To add an alternative: I recently bought an Antony Dannecker
"Meisterklasse/Cross MS Combination Ultra Custom" harp in G Paddy
Richter.  It's basically Meisterklasse covers and reeds on a Cross
Harp comb and sells for a bargain £35.  I find it a joy to play and
often choose it in preference to the Promaster I got from Brendan --
largely because I don't really take advantage of the valves (and, like
you, I often get them gummed up).  I will definitely be ordering
another of these in D very soon.

Antony is at:


Simon must be thinking that we're agents of Anthony! I wrote to him offlist recommending him. I too have had excellent harps from him. He confines himself to Hohners, and I found it very beneficial to speak to him to set out my exact needs. An excellent fellow he is. The weak dollar and disgustingly-higher UK harmonica prices could rob him of his competitive edge for US buyers I suppose but he's still worth a look.

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