Re: [Harp-L] Paddy Richters out of the box

Simon Willerton wrote:
I've got a couple of Suzuki Promaster Paddy Richters from
Brendan Power which are great (apart from the valves -- see
below).  Now I need third Paddy Richter but Brendan says
he's not doing any harp-tech this year, so I'd like
something that's decent to play straight out of the box
(I've got too many things on to learn how to retune and
regap at the moment).  Seydel seems to be the obvious choice
as they do both the Session and Favorite harps in Paddy
Richter, does anyone have any comments on how they compare?
  (Especially how they would compare with a Power tweaked

To add an alternative: I recently bought an Antony Dannecker "Meisterklasse/Cross MS Combination Ultra Custom" harp in G Paddy Richter. It's basically Meisterklasse covers and reeds on a Cross Harp comb and sells for a bargain £35. I find it a joy to play and often choose it in preference to the Promaster I got from Brendan -- largely because I don't really take advantage of the valves (and, like you, I often get them gummed up). I will definitely be ordering another of these in D very soon.

Antony is at:


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