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b2becom@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> when he tells me that Hohner has a lifetime warranty on their harmonicas.  
> I told him I have dozens of harps in the boneyard at home and he told me 
> to send them back to Hohner and they would replace them free of 
> charge + shipping.  Is this true?  Anyone done this?  


Hohner harmonicas are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects and 
properly tuned at the time of purchase.  Any instrument found to contain 
manufacturing defects or other noticeable imperfections will be, at Hohner's 
option, repaired or replaced at no charge providing the harmonica is shipped 
prepaid to the Hohner Service Center. 

nothing about wear.  and this is what you'd expect.  they're not going to provide
lifetime replacement of a product that they know will wear out.

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