RE: [Harp-L] Excellent presentation of Musical Notation andHarmonicaTablature Sheets

The original files were created in Adobe Illustrator, so you would need Illustrator, Fireworks, or CorelDraw to edit them. So I can provide the following formats: .ai, .eps, .jpeg, .tif, etc., but they're all image formats so unless you have some image-editing software, it wouldn't be easy. E-mail me offlist if anyone would like one of the formats mentioned above.

You could feasibly extract the image from the PDF and paste it in Word or Powerpoint and just place opaque text boxes over top of the sections you wanted to edit. Again, not the easiest method...

-Marc Molino

From: "Tim Moyer" <wmharps@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: harp-l@xxxxxxxxxx
Subject: RE: [Harp-L] Excellent presentation of Musical Notation andHarmonicaTablature Sheets
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2007 17:35:16 -0000

Marc Molino wrote:
> Well "an inspiration" is far above what I was shooting for,
> which was more like "not being considered spam or junkmail"...

I found this very useful as well.  I was wondering if the source of
your PDFs was available in editable form, for those of use who make
use of alternate tunings?

> My original e-mail had a slight typo regarding the tab rulers--
> that was for all 12 keys. I have not discovered a 13th key.

I thought I had missed an inside joke :-)

> What happens to all that plastic when the comb gets discarded--
> is it recyclable?

I used to take the combs from blown out Special 20s and put them
into Marine Bands in my T-Bones and Journeymen.  I had boxes of
those things lying around at one point, but used them all.  Probably
didn't make a dent in the total problem.  These days I'm too busy
playing to build harps anymore.


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