RE: [Harp-L] Excellent presentation of Musical Notation and HarmonicaTablature Sheets

Marc Molino wrote:
> Well "an inspiration" is far above what I was shooting for, 
> which was more like "not being considered spam or junkmail"...

I found this very useful as well.  I was wondering if the source of 
your PDFs was available in editable form, for those of use who make 
use of alternate tunings?

> My original e-mail had a slight typo regarding the tab rulers--
> that was for all 12 keys. I have not discovered a 13th key.

I thought I had missed an inside joke :-)

> What happens to all that plastic when the comb gets discarded--
> is it recyclable? 

I used to take the combs from blown out Special 20s and put them 
into Marine Bands in my T-Bones and Journeymen.  I had boxes of 
those things lying around at one point, but used them all.  Probably 
didn't make a dent in the total problem.  These days I'm too busy 
playing to build harps anymore.


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