Re: [Harp-L] Live Music Scene Reality Check

I read the article about the world's finest violinist, Joshua Bell playing at the train station in DC. To me it was not about music and the difficulty of keeping an audiences attention, or even making a living playing music.

It was about our culture in America, it's obsession with work and accumulating wealth, and what an unbalanced approach to living that is.

I enjoyed the part about the postal worker when he said choosing to not pursue something you love as a profession doesn't mean you can't still derive joy from the pursuit. Richard Hunter is a great example of that principle at work.

The article also reminded me what a gift the ability to play music well is. Sure, you need training and development to reach the level that Mr. Bell has, but so many could put in the same hours and never come close to that level of musicianship.

The article also made me think that the setting we play in, and the expectations of our audiences have a huge factor in how well our music is received.

I just finished reading the article, so these are first impressions.

thank you to whoever posted the article, it was a great thought provoking piece.

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