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The music box also induces pressure waves in the air.
Otherwise there would be no noise. In the harmonica,
the air is moving (or the reed is moving in airflow),
in a music box it isnt. THe main difference is in the
"excitation" of the reed. In the music box it is
plucked again and again, in the harp it is kept
constant by flowing air. I would guess if we excited
the harp reed with a magnetic field somehow, it would
make a very similar sound just putting it to your
mouth even without blowing. The aerodinamics I was
talking about is in the airflow itself. I am not sure
how much does the airflow itself contribute to the
sound. I think it actually contributes only to the
movement of the reed, which then generates the
pressure waves in a similar way as in the music box.

--- Garry Hodgson <garry@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Zombor Kovacs <zrkovacs@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > A main difference between the music box reeds and
> the
> > harp reeds is that one is plucked the otherone is
> > vibrated by an airstream. The harmonica reed
> vibration
> > is a much much more complex phenomenon whith a lot
> of
> > aerodynamics. So I also think, that although the
> > strings on a guitar vibrate in a similar manner as
> > reeds do in a harmonica, the scales are different.
> is this so?  it was my understanding, probably from
> something i read
> here, that harps make sound not by vibrating reeds,
> but by chopping
> up the airstream in similar fashion to a siren. 
> this is why the music
> box analogy has problems, since the sound generation
> mechanism
> is so different.  
> am i misunderstanding?  can someone clarify?
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