Re: [Harp-L] The Lowliest of Musical Instruments

i think maybe they may have meant or thought to say loveliest instrument,....... having listened to his soulful chromatic ......must have been the thing to write....anway it keeps me struggling with the sliders.....joe g

Robert Cole <poidog@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:  As you all know we have lost one of great talents of music Paul deLay. There was a memorial held in Portland to a sold out crowd of over 1,200. A writer for the local major newspaper (also a bass player) wrote a eulogy about Paul that appeared in the newspaper the next day. To paraphrase, he wrote that deLay got a lot of music out of the harmonica " the lowliest of musical instruments". A definite Rodney Dangerfield moment for Harpdom. The rest of the eulogy was heartfelt. But to the newspaper writer from yours truly, a verb followed by a pronoun. Never did care for many newspaper writer/ bass players even though there importance cannot be underestimated. 
We already miss "Big Bubba".
B Cole
PS: Curtis Salgado performed at the memorial and was great as usual new liver and all.

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