[Harp-L] The Lowliest of Musical Instruments

As you all know we have lost one of great talents of music Paul deLay. There was a memorial held in Portland to a sold out crowd of over 1,200. A writer for the local major newspaper (also a bass player) wrote a eulogy about Paul that appeared in the newspaper the next day. To paraphrase, he wrote that deLay got a lot of music out of the harmonica " the lowliest of musical instruments".  A definite Rodney Dangerfield moment for Harpdom. The rest of the eulogy was heartfelt. But to the newspaper writer from yours truly, a verb followed by a pronoun. Never did care for many newspaper writer/ bass players even though there importance cannot be underestimated. 
We already miss "Big Bubba".
B Cole
PS: Curtis Salgado performed at the memorial and was great as usual new liver and all.

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