Re: [Harp-L] Harmonica Doc...The point is...

Yeah, what he said.

My comments:
>>"People in general can't tell good from bad and personally don't give a
crap, they just want to be moved and sometimes it's the raw, unsophisticated
stuff that does that, regardless of whether he/she went to the 4 chord with
the band or knew to move to 19th position."
I strive for proficiancy and accuracy.  I want to know every inch of my
instrument.  --   When I am practicing.

When I play for people, there is only one thing I care about.

I found out that when I give up the pretensions, and just play from the
heart, people get it.  They know when you're "giving it up" and when you're
just "mailing it in."
>>"Don't be an ugly proliferator of hateful and ugly comments on your own
"temple of worship me please i'm the man after all" website in the name of
"open discussion", an inciter of hurtful and hateful discussions in the name
of free speech that are hurtful to other people, just trashing other
musicians just to seem like a big shot to the little insecure people who
need someone to follow, your fans, just in the name of some perceived
self-importance or worship by the misguided few who may congregate there and
admire you for who knows what reason."
Isn't this one of the lessons to be learned by the recent Don Imus
"nappy-headed ho's" incident?  When you have love - Love for yourself first,
and then love of life, which results in having love for all there is, then
all these hurtful things disappear.  Isn't that much better than all the
anger, distrust, envy, &c.?  When you remember to put love in everything you
do, all the crap goes away.
>>"I question someone that has such ugly and hateful and bigoted comments
all the time from "behind the keyboard", yet when people meet that person
they say "how nice" they are. To me that is a very disturbed coward hiding
behind a keyboard that doesn't have the guts to keep that persona when
meeting people face to face."
The internet has become the CB Radio of the 21st Century.
Hey, Bill.  It sounds like you have some understanding of at least one Law
of the Universe.  What you give, you will surely get.  Them who constantly
complain are crap magnets, and they will never run out of things to whine
about.  I consciously avoid crap.  Life is better without it.

Off the soapbox here too.  Going back to nice-guy mode.  I'll go scrape off
the bottoms of my boots now.

Believe in Magic!
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Re: [Harp-L] Harmonica Doc...The point is...

> snip> Then it had to get ugly where this work these folks have done out of
passion, something I believe we were all excited about, had to get slammed
because of someone's petty self-serving agenda and ego. I feel terrible
about that.

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