Re: [Harp-L] Harmonica Doc...The point is...

I think most folks have realized or knew right up front that their intentions were honorable in offering the "contest" and that there was just some naivety and unfortunate legalese that started the firestorm. Welcome to life in 2007 people. Richard was right to ask the questions and expose this so people didn't go in uninformed. Then it had to get ugly where this work these folks have done out of passion, something I believe we were all excited about, had to get slammed because of someone's petty self-serving agenda and ego. I feel terrible about that.

I wouldn't submit anything given those terms, but some folks would, just to be part of something, regardless of the consequences. Perhaps folks secure financially, etc would, those who aren't concerned about giving up rights, etc and just want a small piece of "fame". Guess what - you can be as perfect as you want jazzically or chromatically or whatever. But some "no talent" mofo with a nasty mic and amp will always jump up there and just incite the audience to a frenzy just by playing with passion, even if it is "badly" by your standards. That's music, since the dawn of time. People in general can't tell good from bad and personally don't give a crap, they just want to be moved and sometimes it's the raw, unsophisticated stuff that does that, regardless of whether he/she went to the 4 chord with the band or knew to move to 19th position.

The point is, don't be a hater just because some **15** year old kid who hasn't had the chance or inclination to learn to play overblows or perfect chromaticly on a diatonic gets the chance to move millions of people and does. To me it rocks and great for the kid. I'm sure he inspired many, many youngsters to pick up the harp (wow, it can sound like that?).  I got VERY PISSED when I saw a 15 year old kid who seems to be so enthusiastic and humble get trashed in public by some hater jealous loser who is mad because he didn't get in the movie.

Don't be a hater because some extremely talented entertainer (hicks) in so many ways who has paid his dues for so long happens to move millions of people by playing a little harp on a national talent contest, having the stones to do that, in addition to his many other talents, on national TV. These two made it to the point that they moved millions, be happy for them, don't be a hater because you haven't or never will get that chance. It's your own fault and maybe the attitude is the thing holding you back.

That shit should be in the movie, it's part of the contemporary harp story, it's part of the harp story for the millions the movie is trying to talk to. Those people saw taylor hicks and ld miller on tv. they damn sure didn't see your ass on tv. so hicks, miller, belong there in the film to some extent with the greats like jacobs, etc. they are part of the contemporary story that people know, it all ties together in the film I'm sure and I trust. they're exciting, playing some never ending monotonous droning crap, no matter how musically perfect it is,  is not interesting to 99% of the population. i'm not saying it's bad, just most folks aren't interested.

Don't be a hater who can't post anything without taking a potshot at someone you don't like on the list, the short bit of ugliness obscures anything else you had to say, even if it's just a little jab about bose products at the end. It's damn ugly and you look like the fool, and that other person looks like the grown-up for not responding to the childishness.

Don't be an ugly proliferator of hateful and ugly comments on your own "temple of worship me please i'm the man after all" website in the name of "open discussion", an inciter of hurtful and hateful discussions in the name of free speech that are hurtful to other people, just trashing other musicians just to seem like a big shot to the little insecure people who need someone to follow, your fans, just in the name of some perceived self-importance or worship by the misguided few who may congregate there and admire you for who knows what reason.

There was some article/interview about John Popper becoming a great musician because he was insecure, overweight and couldn't get dates. Well he got famous and he got the dates. You have to wonder if he's happy, going down the road at killer speed with a killer cache of weapons. Is it worth it, you have to ask yourself.

I question someone that has such ugly and hateful and bigoted comments all the time from "behind the keyboard", yet when people meet that person they say "how nice" they are. To me that is a very disturbed coward hiding behind a keyboard that doesn't have the guts to keep that persona when meeting people face to face. 

The whole thing sometimes makes me sick, even a little jibe added to the end of an otherwise helpful comment again and again. Sorry to vent but I'm sick of it.

I don't understand how someone who is so against hurtful things and bigotry, so joyous in life despite its challenges like Jason Ricci, would have a partnership or anything to do with someone like this, who seems to have blackness, hatred, envy, unhappiness, self-doubt and jealousy in their soul. No, I won't be rocking in the rockies because of this. I hope others feel the same way. do not worship at the temple of false idols. jason, yeah he's the real deal. then there's the wannabees.

sorry to everyone, but damn i'm sick of the potshots. this has been allowed for months so maybe my message will be posted as well. that's only fair. i'm sure i'm saying what others would like to day. there's very little nasty stuff these days, and until this message it only came from one place. i'll be good for another six months, i promise. I've swallowed a lot of messages over the past months, this one I just couldn't hold back any more.

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