[Harp-L] I'm not going there!

I don't want to chime in on the wood vs plastic
debate as far as which sounds better.  I'll be satisfied knowing different
harmonicas sound different for whatever reason be it the comb, gap, shape, or
tolerances.  I just want to comment that I live at altitude and the
condensation from my breath tends to freeze up the reeds until the harp has had
a chance to dry out.  The problem kicks in after about an hour of
playing.  I use the whistle method and never spit into the harp, not even
a little bit.  The weather impacts how long I can play before I have to
switch harps.  I have much less of a problem with wood combed harps than
plastic combed harps.  I don't think it is my imagination.  Identical
harps like the Hohner Hand Mades respond differently to humidity depending on the
comb.  I only own one metal-combed harp, and I hate it because it is
valved, so I can't tell you if I get this effect from metal.  Of course,
Seydels and Souls Voices don't do this at all.  So gap, shape, and
tolerances probably have something to do with it also.  I'm speculating
that wood distributes heat differently than plastic.  The heat impacts the
distribution of water vapor, and there you go!  That is my
speculation.  What do you think?


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