Re: [Harp-L] Seydel 1847 stainless steel reed harmonica

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Subject: [Harp-L] Seydel 1847 stainless steel reed harmonica

Among all the talk about the $85 Seydel 1847, I recall no comments about its tone.

Anyone? It seems like stainless steel might sound pretty different.

The sound of a harmonica is generated by the reed interrupting / chopping the airstream through the slot. No audible sound emanates directly from the reed metal as from a bell. A SS reed will not sound different from a copper-alloy reed IF it is vibrating at the same amplitude and the reed has the same stiffness. If the stiffness is different, the difference in sound will be loudness, not tone. Hence there is no reason to believe that SS reeds will play or sound different from copper-alloy reeds. Tuning and gapping will be equally important.

From the metal properties, there is reason to believe that the SS reeds will
hold their pitch and resist fatigue much better than copper-alloy reeds.

And where is the best deal? $85 ain't cheap for a "twenty-dollar toy"!! (nudge nudge wink wink, or fyiyctaj)

If it lasts more than five times as long as a standard harp, it could be the best deal. Being confident that when you grab it, it will be in tune and ready to play has to be worth something.


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