Re: [Harp-L] Seydel 1847 stainless steel reed harmonica

Am Montag, 16. April 2007 07:16 schrieb Jeff roulier:
> Seydel hasn't proved much to me.  The two harps I bought (Blues
> session standard and the soloist Pro) were both leaky as hell
> especially on the 3 draw. 

Seydel´s main problem in the past was, that they had no good reeds. 
Having no good reed material they just couldn´t build good harps. 
Very slightly they could solve this problem for brass reeds, but with 
the 1847 they have a completly new material, thats far superior to 
everything they had available before!
I mostly share fjm´s enthusiasm about the 1847, now Seydel builds one 
of the best stock harps available today (at least Suzuki´s Fire 
Breath has the same quality imho, they are quite different, with 
different pros and cons, but i wouldn´t prefer one over the other).

I wonder why you can judge over the 1847 without even having played 
it. Just because you have played a different product of the same 
manufacturer before? 

This new Seydel harp is loud, tight, responsive, lip friendly, does 
overblows out of the box and it will probably last longer than any 
harp you ever possessed. It´s what harp players have always been 
looking for. There are still a few flaws about covers and such, but 
they must have something left to improve, no? ;)


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