Re: Re: [Harp-L] Seydel 1847 stainless steel reed harmonica

fjm wrote:
> I'm thinking the hardcore Marine Band players will be thrown 
> for a loop by the covers.  Not being open on the ends is huge.  
> <snip>
> I don't like the rounded holes because it makes the edge more 
> ambiguous.  
> <snip> 
> The wider spacing and overall longer scale length takes away 
> from what I can span with my tongue.  You end up with longer 
> wider movements for just about everything.  

I guess this is another case of "to each his own".  I don't give a 
hoot about the openings on the covers.  I don't like the fact that 
they're tabbed, and would prefer full length.  I love the comb, and 
find that it's extremely comfortable on the mouth and tongue.  I was 
surprised to find that it's not actually any taller than my Golden 
Melody comb.  I prefer the wider reed spacing, as the combination of 
that and the comb ends makes it easier for me to find the correct 

I don't expect I would ever crush one flat, unless it was in my pocket 
and I rolled over on it wrestling with my kids on the floor.  I 
couldn't care less about the box, aside from saying it seems more 
environmentally friendly to use paperboard than plastic.  My boxes 
tend to get recycled anyway, and "working" harps go into the gig 

The covers were always my least favorite thing about Big Rivers, and I 
would never swap the covers from a Big River onto this harp.  I have 
heard that the Favorite and Session covers will fit the 1847, but 
require longer screws.  They should be available from Rupert, or from 
other sources in Europe, maybe Ben Bouman or or from 
Seydel directly.  

The more I play mine, the more I like it.  I will definitely be buying 
more!  But, to each his own...


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