Re: [Harp-L] Seydel 1847 stainless steel reed harmonica

I just got my first Seydel 1847 on Friday.  In a word: WOW!  This is 
a great harmonica right out of the box.  Of course, nothing works 
perfectly for me, and there are things about it I knew I wouldn't 
like when I ordered it.  The cover design, for one.  I just prefer 
full-length covers, and find them far more comfortable to play.  But 
if you're used to the Marine Band style tabbed covers, this 
shouldn't be a problem.  In fact, the Seydel does the Marine Band 
one better by closing up the little seams at the edges of the MB 
cover, so at least that's not snagging mustache hairs and ripping 
the lips.  I also knew that the tuning would be a departure from 
what I like, but that's also true of most harps, and would probably 
suit most players.  It's a compromise intonation, and of course, 
standard tuning.  The tuning was quite accurate from the factory.  I 
had to retune mine to "Paddy Richter", and let me tell you, it was 
not easy retuning those steel reeds.  MUCH harder than brass, it 
goes without saying.  I hope that's an indication of their 
durability and longevity, though I might not be the best judge of 
that, since I'm pretty easy on harps.  

But what I *DO* like about this harp: the comb is great!  I didn't 
have a problem with the hole spacing, which is wider than the 
Hohners and Tombos I normally play.  I do like the sealed maple, 
though I wouldn't have minded plastic.  I like the hole shape, which 
is rounded and nicely chamfered do there are no sharp edges.  My 
particular instrument came with the gaps set too high on the 1 and 2 
holes, and they were airy, but I lowered those when I retuned the 3 
blow, and everything was fine.  Overblows are a snap on this harp, 
though overdraws are quite a bit more challenging, and my 7OD tends 
to squeal.  I don't overdraw all that well, so I'm sure my technique 
has something to do with it, but I do have harps that I can overdraw 
cleanly.  This harp is loud, but not brassy or shrill.  

I can't wait until Seydel incorporates these reed plates into 
another model that's not designed for blues playing.  I'd love to 
see a plastic combed version, equally tempered tuning, with full 
length covers.  I'm curious about whether the 1847 has the same hole 
spacing for the covers as one of their Session/Favorite models, 
because I'd love to swap out the covers.  

I wonder if Seydel is looking for endorsees in the US?  ;-)


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