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Wow, look who the cat drug in! 

Folks, by way of introduction, since Dane Paul is from my neck of the
woods, for those of you who don't know him, it's GREAT to see him back
on this list and contributing his vast knowledge and sense of humor.
He's an EXCELLENT pro player (we're lucky around here to have folks like
Dane and Mike Easton) who has a regular gig with bluesman Bobby Parker
at Madam's Organ in the very cool part of Washington DC if you're ever
around that area. He's also shared the stage with Carlos Santana while
being Bobby's band leader at the Montreaux Jazz Fest and he has some
DVDs he sells of that performance. Dane isn't just a blues player, he's
a huge funk, rock, and jazzy player as well. He also goes out with his
own band on occasion and is a great singer/frontman too. He's a scary
looking bear of a man with wild hair but he's a pretty friendly dude,
and a little germ phobic is all. Cool cat.

Bill Hines
Hershey, PA

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(Sorry People I sent this the other day to the wrong address)

Hello people, I've been off list for a few years but am glad to be back.

The DT 250 as Gary suggests seems like an excellent Idea. Since it has 
cabinet modeling it I believe it will attenuate the higher ,more harsh 
frequencies that a lot of the

pedals that don't have this feature, won't. I believe a few of the
boxes will do this but I"m not sure which ones.

A few years ago there was a thread about the high frequency issues, and
design for a box that came right from the speaker out. I'm not sure that

will relate to this

particular issue but it will explain the need for freq. attenuation when

distortion is involved. (does anyone Know where it is in the archives)

I use a Pod Pro xt which has the cab modeling but it is about 5 times
price. Although I had a need for a rack mount. The DT250 seems very

I would suggest that you take your harps and mike to the music store and
and compare different things through a PA. A good store will allow you
to do 

Also remember that feedback increases as distortion increases. I also
sabine fbx2400 which adds a gaagillion dollars to the whole mess. There
other brands

and smaller units from sabine that are much cheaper.

I hope this helps and again its good to be 
back............................................Dane Paul 

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