[Harp-L] Seydel 1847 stainless steel reed harmonica

This is by far the best stock out of the box harmonica I've ever played. I took the plunge and bought all 4 of the available keys, G, A, Bb, and C. They are very airtight and responsive. Overblows work just fine on all of the easy holes. The bodies are sealed maple. The coverplates are vey open but without the side vents of a Marine Band 10 hole. I can see that I will have a problem with the coverplates I have an odd grip and it stresses the centre of the coverplates. I'll end up crushing this coverplate flat in no time. I've already deflected the G in less than 5 minutes playing time. The combs are longer than an 1896 and perhaps a tad thicker. The hole spacing ends up being wider because the holes themselves are larger. The holes themselves are neither square nor circular. They are somewhat of a hybrid being more square than not but being relieved in the centre. They are a lot larger in overall volume than the Marine Band comb. The tuning appears to be neither equal nor JI. Certainly no very flat 5 and 9 draw. Some very pretty chording available on the lower end. The middle octave not so pretty. This is a very loud harmonica with very even response and set up.

I'm very curious to see what a tuning that reflects more closely my playing style and a little bit of set up work will do for this harmonica. If I can solve my cover plate issue and the reeds really do last towards the forever end of the spectrum this is going to be a very tough harmonica to beat. It is the only harmonica I've ever bought that out of the box I'd play in a gigging situation. It's not perfect but it's close enough in terms of what I need out of a harmonica that I wouldn't be distracted by issues of playability.

Bear in mind this is just an initial assessment. I'll report back as I get more time in on these 1847's. Pretty much the only harmonicas I've ever played that I like as well have been pre war Marine Bands. fjm

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