Re2: [Harp-L] FX Pedals Through PA

Well, there is a nice piece of equipment I use that costs about 70
bucks (US) called the ART V3.

It provides tube distortion from a built in 12AX7, and can be 'voiced'
in a few different ways. A pretty versitile box, as it has 1/4"
in/out, and XLR in/out. It's a Direct Inject box too (a D.I. box)  -
what it will give you is tube warmth (distortion) going straght into
the house... PA... the other day, I used it going into my 35w head
(into a 212 cab) then slaved off a Champ from the XLR using one of
those 'illegal' cables that goes from XLR to 1/4. I do use it in my
sound chain now - b/c some gigs the 35w head will be too loud to get
the distortion up to my liking, and the V3 acts like an attenuator in
this regard. I can tube soak the heck out of the signal before it gets
to my 35w head... and I can get the big amp to sound nice and crunchy
like a small 5w amp does.

Anyway, I have had it for a month or so now, and I find it to be well
worth the money - HOWEVER - you may not need the box with all the
'voicings' and ART makes a more practical unit that would do the same

It's the ART MP

Less than 50 bucks - but will do for what you described. Anyway, your
milage may vary.

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I learned last week that my little solid-state amp is not good enough for
on-stage jams -- the line out jack doesn't work, and when we miked the amp,
I got a lot of feedback out of it.  My feelings aren't hurt, as the amp was
a hand-me-down, but I did want to start playing with some distortion at the
blues jam.  Before, I was just plugging my Green Bullet directly into the PA
system, and that works great except I don't have any kind of amplified

That got me thinking: could I buy a distortion pedal and run my mic through
it and then go directly into the PA?  Right now, I could afford the pedal
much more than I could afford a new amp better suited for harp.  And if this
works, I'll still have the pedals ready to go whenever I do buy a good amp.

Jonathan Metts

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