[Harp-L] FX Pedals Through PA

I learned last week that my little solid-state amp is not good enough for 
on-stage jams -- the line out jack doesn't work, and when we miked the amp, 
I got a lot of feedback out of it.  My feelings aren't hurt, as the amp was 
a hand-me-down, but I did want to start playing with some distortion at the 
blues jam.  Before, I was just plugging my Green Bullet directly into the PA 
system, and that works great except I don't have any kind of amplified 

That got me thinking: could I buy a distortion pedal and run my mic through 
it and then go directly into the PA?  Right now, I could afford the pedal 
much more than I could afford a new amp better suited for harp.  And if this 
works, I'll still have the pedals ready to go whenever I do buy a good amp.

Jonathan Metts 

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